CRM Turbo – The complete support pack for businesses looking to implement a turbocharged CRM system

CRM Turbo walks you through the process of implementing a turbocharged CRM system step-by-step. It will provide instant, significant and lasting improvements to your sales and operational processes with tangible gains to your profitability.”

Steve Winduss, Logical Business

Do any of these statements apply to your business?

“My business is growing fast and I am struggling to keep up”

“My business is successful, but everyone is running their own mini-system. I need more control and visibility of what is going on”

“I have just started a new business and need a system to take the strain and keep everyone on the same page”

“I am thinking that a CRM system might benefit my business but am not sure where to start?”

“I have been talking to CRM vendors but need some independent advice?”

“I have approached a CRM consultant, but costs are looking a little scary?”


Here’s the problem…

For many business owners and operators, implementing their first CRM system is as daunting as, say, buying their first house.

    • How can you be proficient at something you have never done before?
    • How can you write a meaningful brief which covers everything?
    • Who can you turn to for help?
    • How can you be sure that an inadvertent omission won’t lead to excessive additional costs?

It’s complicated…

The scope of today’s CRM systems is massive. Complex CRM systems can model and automate almost any business process you can think of. And therein lies the problem.

When a CRM vendor tells you that a CRM system can ‘do everything’, what does this really mean? How does that infinite capability relate to ‘your’ business and what does ‘everything’ look like?

CRM vendors will claim that their CRM offering is packed with features which, whilst they may actually exist, more often than not will prove incapable of managing your specific requirements.

Why can’t I approach a CRM consultant?

There are plenty of very capable CRM consultants who can support you through a successful CRM implementation. However, for many small businesses this consultancy expense can be initially prohibitive, likely to drift upwards and often triggers a kill switch for the project.

CRM Turbo The Alternative Model

The CRM Turbo complete support pack provides an alternative model to guide small businesses through the minefield of implementing a CRM system, with a comfortingly low fixed price. CRM Turbo comprises a combination of self-help information, time-saving / efficiency-boosting tools and personal support, designed to ensure that a successful turbocharged CRM implementation can be achieved.

Who should consider CRM Turbo?

Can you say “yes” to any of the following?

      • I am considering implementing a CRM system
      • I am an established business chasing growth
      • I am seeking improved operational efficiencies
      • I am a start-up business

CRM Turbo is specifically designed for:

      • Small to medium sized enterprises
      • £1M to 10M turnover, 1-25 employees
      • Start-ups and established

What is included in the CRM Turbo Support Pack

CRM Turbo is a complete three-level support pack designed to guide you through a CRM implementation, step by step, regardless of which CRM system you ultimately choose.


CRM Turbo explains exactly what CRM is and what it can do for your business.

The step-by-step guide then proceeds with the first brainstorming session to develop ideal business workflows, moving through the entire process of commissioning a successful CRM installation to managing, maintaining and thriving from the CRM system for many years to come.


The Toolkit consists of a comprehensive range of efficiency-saving templates. These comprise, amongst others, a business operations and CRM reviewer tool, business process review templates and a CRM vendor selection tool. Opportunities for errors and omissions are reduced (which often lead to disproportionately increasing costs), whilst time and stress associated with your CRM implementation is minimised.


Our personal support service typically includes discussing potential CRM vendors, clarifying elements of the CRM Turbo guide, providing help using toolbox templates and sense checking ideas, plans and timeframes. We will also act as a trusted intermediary between your business and potential CRM vendors where required.

 You will learn how to:

Create a detailed CRM plan
Assess your business’ readiness for CRM
Decide what features your CRM system should include
Write a full-proof CRM brief
Manage your relationship with a CRM vendor
Choose the right CRM software and CRM vendor
Effectively control your CRM installation
Continuously improve your new CRM system
Minimise costs and maximise benefits


“Steve has helped us successfully develop CRM systems in two of our businesses. His ability to understand our operational needs and translate them into highly effective CRMs has saved us a lot of time and money.  CRM Turbo is a fantastic way to condense Steve’s years of experience into a really cost-effective CRM implementation pack, providing a critical bridge between the client and CRM vendor.” 

Toby Smith, Technical Director
Zestec Asset Management

CRM Turbo Support Pack

Your complete support pack to implement a turbocharged CRM system.

What’s included

  • CRM Turbo – A Small Business Guide How to Implement a Turbocharged CRM System. Over 200 pages crammed with tips, tricks and a step-by-step guide to implement a CRM system like the professionals with amazing results.*
  • Toolbox – The hard yards condensed into a series of templates to reduce your preparation time significantly and help you get it right first time.*
  • Personal support – unlimited talk time to support you through the entire process.
*available for instant download

Pricing (excluding VAT)

Optional (excluding VAT)

You may prefer to purchase the CRM Turbo Guide & Toolbox now, and consider Personal Support at a later time.  

CRM Turbo Support Pack includes an unconditional 60-day money back guarantee.  No questions asked.

About the author

Stephen Winduss has been immersed in Business Operations and implementing CRM systems for over thirty years.  He has worked for corporates and SMEs, established and start-up. In addition, he has built his own businesses and currently is managing director of Logical Business Ltd, a small business consultancy based in the South of England.

CRM Turbo represents the culmination of his knowledge and experience gained throughout this period. Stephen is passionate about helping small businesses maximise efficiency and profits.

Stephen Winduss
07912 777931

In conclusion…

“I have come to understand from nearly 30 years’ experience with CRM systems that a well thought out and carefully curated implementation process can be transformational for a business.

Anything less can lead to spiralling costs, dissatisfied employees, hours of remedial work and massive disruption to the business of building your business.  I am passionate to help businesses avoid these pitfalls and reap the benefits of a truly turbocharged CRM system.

Share a journey with the me that will bring significant and lasting improvements to your business’ sales, operational processes and, ultimately, profits.”

Stephen Winduss

If you are still unsure and would like to track back to learn more about CRM implementation before signing up, why not take a look at the following information:


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