CRM (or Customer Relationship Management) systems provide a single, secure home for all customer related data; from prospects, leads and opportunities through to product delivery and customer service records. The rapid increase in computer capability over the last twenty years at prices small to medium sized business can afford has allowed CRM developers to expand functionality dramatically. Today’s leading CRM systems are sophisticated and highly efficient business engines.

You may be contemplating a CRM system implementation for your business. Before diving headlong into the vast CRM software and support market, it is worth stepping back to find out exactly how and why CRM systems evolved, what functionality they can really offer, why your business might really need one and – if you haven’t been put off by then – how to start the process of implementation.


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What is a CRM system?

Learn about today’s highly sophisticated CRM business engines.

What can CRM do for my business?

See how CRM can help your business grow and prosper

Key features of a CRM system

The ultimate checklist, what CRM systems actually do.

How to implement CRM

A step-by-step guide how to implement a turbocharged CRM system.